Friday, October 27, 2006

All the migration demos worked!

Well that's another Oracle Open World over... This year was a lot of fun being able to preview our new migration tools: Oracle Migration Workbench integrated into SQL Developer and a new feature of Oracle APEX, the Application Migration Workshop, for Microsoft Access application migration to Oracle APEX. Below is a picture of me standing by our demo pod...

The migration workbench demo, we got finally working about an hour before my presentation. Barry and I got a code drop from the guys back in Dublin that morning and we sat on bean bags in the hall between Moscone North and South, while a long queue of attendees filed in for Chuck Rozwat Keynote ensuring that everything worked as predicted. When I gave the presentation later that morning, everybody seemed to like it at lot.

Both Barry and I did lots of demos to attendees and it was very satisfying to get positive feedback on what we as a team have been working so hard on. We have definitely taken the right approach and need to keep focused to deliver a high quality solution in 2007.

On my laptop I had a pre-release of with Oracle APEX 2.2.1 locally. I had this configured using EPG (Embedded Pl/SQL gateway) which I think is cool, so no Apache, everything just running out of the database. This is the same setup as the Oracle Express Edition. I'll blog next week on the steps required for this setup.

My next focus will be to get an early adopters release of the Oracle APEX Application Migration Workshop available. We will post more information about it on OTN next week, and I'll blog about the design goals I had when designing this new feature of Oracle APEX.

I'm looking forward to going home now and being back with my family, it has been a long trip and I never seem to sleep great, when I'm on the west coast...

On a lunch break I did make a trip to the Virign Megastore, where my CD collection was added to...

  • The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi battles the pink Robots in 5.1
  • Ray Lamontagne - Till the sun turns black
  • The Killers - Sam's Town
  • John Legand - Once Again


Mark said...

Looking forward to the process to setup RPG and APEX. My company doesn't use Apache or Oracle HTTP so it will be extremely helpful to use APEX in my "restricted" environment

Donal said...

I'll post the instructions next week when I setup a new laptop. Remember, there will be a dependency on for this to work

orlat84 said...

I have APEX config on my machine using just the embedded PLSQL gateway and it works like a charm with both and, even with I had to run:

DBMS_EPG.authorize_dad (
dad_name => 'APEX',
user => 'ANONYMOUS');

in order not to be prompted anymore for username and password.

Mark said...

How did you get the APEX images loaded? I've been playing with the DBMS_EPG package and have gotten as far as the APEX login page. DBMS_EPG is extremely cool. I wished I had used it earlier.

Donal said...


As soon as is out I'll publish the details, but you need to look at the apex_epg_config.sql file. This takes an argument of your current images directory, I think it appends apex/images, so it is probably your ORACLE_HOME. This script does the setup, and copies the images