Thursday, June 21, 2007

Oracle Database Plugin for the Eclipse Data Tools Platform

As a further commitment to the Eclipse Community, Oracle announces an early adopter release of the Oracle Database Plugin for Eclipse Data Tools Platform. This plugin extends the Eclipse Data Tools Platform to connect to and work with Oracle database objects. The initial plugin supports the ability to connect to Oracle Databases, navigate through all database objects, execute stored procedures and functions, and view textual and graphical execution plans.

This release has been tested against DTP 1.0. We will revise the plugin as required once DTP 1.5 is released as part of the imminent Eclipse Euorpa release.

Oracle has published a Statement of Direction which outlines our future plans.

Feedback from the community is important to us so Oracle has created a forum on OTN to provide a means for this feedback to be collected and allow Oracle to respond. Assuming a positive level of interest from the community, we would seek to formally join the DTP project for the purpose of contributing to the Connectivity, Model Base, SQL Development Tools and particularly the Enablement subproject to provide specialized support for the Oracle Database.


Ilias Giannakopoulos said...

Donal, thanks for sharing!
I also agree with rgavlin that the most important thing would be the improved support for XMLDB but for now I can live without that.

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

the plug-in is missing :(

Where I can download it?

Thanks Dario

Unknown said...


I am not longer with Oracle, so I am not current on this offering. I would suggest you post a question on the OTN forums.

Anonymous said...

Great info, thanks for posting this.

Imam Raza said...

I have been able to find out the download link:
Its here: