Friday, July 13, 2007

Oracle Ireland employee # 74 signing off...

I will shortly be starting my life outside Oracle after some 15 years there. My last day is today.

I've enjoyed it immensely and am proud of our accomplishments. It really doesn't seem like 15 years, and I have been lucky to work on some very exciting projects with some very clever people, many of whom have become friends. I look forward to hearing about all the new releases coming from Database Tools in the future.

Next it is two weeks holidays in France (I hope the weather gets better!) and then the beginning of my next adventure in a new company. More on that later.

I think I'll continue to blog on database tools topics.


Ilias said...

I read you frequently. Please do continue :)
and good luck on your new career path.

Lan Liu said...

Hi,Mr.Donal Daly:

I'm a new hire of Oracle and working in SSPOCC( I want to do some work with migration. But I don't know how to begin.Could please you give me some advice and your E-mail address to me? My

Donal said...


I would checkout the migration information at Speak with Kefei Wang who is also based in the CDC as he is knowledgeable about Migrations.

Mabel Turner said...

Hi, I have a new Macbook Pro and need to install Oracle 10g Express edition for college work. Is it possible to do this and do you know how? The Oracle web site has a link only for Windows or Linux download. You seem to know lots about Oracle. Hope you don't mind me asking. Both Mac support and Oracle support have not helped at all.
Thanks Mabel

Donal said...


I just got one of those too and would like XE as well! I don't recall any plans for this port, but there is a port of 10.1 I believe for mac OS X, but not in an XE edition. What I am considering is going with a vmware type solution, loading a free linux like ubuntu and installing oracle into that...

Balaji said...

Hi Donal,

Never realised that you had left Oracle mid-July, until I visited this blog. We sure will miss you. Hope our paths cross again.

Do keep in touch and post your new co-ordinates on the blog. Will try and attempt to reach you thro' Linkedin.